Here’s what people have to say about Rachna...

“Rachna Mehra’s voice is a creation of God. I am so proud that we have such a wonderful voice in Canada”.

− Rakesh Tiwari

Apna Radio and Hindi Times, Toronto, ON

“Rachna is blessed with Ma Sarasvati. Her voice comes from her soul and touches our hearts”.

− Abhay A. Sharma

Priest at Hindu Sabha Temple, The Gore Rd., Brampton, ON

“She is a wonderful teacher, a tabla player and an amazing singer. I am proud that she is my student”.

− Rajinder S. Raj

Music Director & Writer, Brampton, ON

“When it comes to Devotional songs & Bhajans, she is an amazing singer. Her involvement in her singing mesmerized us”.

− Pt. Mahendra Nath Tiwari

Priest at Westmore Temple, Etobicoke, ON